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The Game: WWE 2K17 on Xbox One

  • At VulcLAN 2018 we will crown a new world wrestling champion, it’s your chance to bring the pain.
  • Matches will be short 3-4 minute matches where you can challenge your fellow VulcLAN participants in a quest for glory. A champion will be determined and as long as that champion keeps winning, they’ll remain the champion.
  • Anyone can challenge the current champion and if you can dethrone them you’ll become the new champion! If you fail to beat the champion, the champion will receive a ticket to enter in a special prize draw.
So basically, become the champion, keep winning, and you’ll get tickets for a special prize draw.
Oh, wait, because this is wrestling, we’ll need a commissioner, let’s pick, oh, I don’t know, the infamous, BigBadBearcat...
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VulcLAN 2018 Wallpaper!

Our very own RoNiN, comes with a themed wallpaper every year for our LAN and this year we are featuring overwatch and League of Legends. Grab it below for a 1080p background. Thanks RoNiN!


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Promo Video

If you are wondering what all is happening at VulcLAN XVI (2018), this will give you a hint…

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VulcLAN 2018 Registration

VulcLAN 2018 seating and registration is available! Please pick up to four seats and checkout below.

Please note: Unless you “Checkout”, your cart will expire and the seats will be made available again.

VulcLAN 2018

Registration and Seat Selection for VulcLAN 2018. It runs from March 15, 2018 @ 4:00pm to March 18, 2018 @ 1:00pm. Alberta's best LAN south of Edmonton! Come for the Frags, stay for the Lolz.

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Status: Booked
Price: $160.00
VulcLAN Staff
Status: Booked
Price: $30.00
VulcLAN Veteran
Status: Booked
Price: $30.00
Agricultural Commissioner
Status: Booked
Price: ...
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VulcLAN 2017 Drone’s-Eye View

Here is a mash-up of the drone video footage from VulcLAN 2017. I used a new piece of software that cut, pasted and tweaked it. I’m not 100% impressed, but that’s what you get with Humble Bundle software sometimes. Take care and enjoy!


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Super Secret Tournament

Starting at 11:59pm, we start the super secret tournament. If we catch you looking up tutorials, videos or cheating of any kind, you are DONE! High score recorded at 12:30am, March 18, 2017 is the winner. Here’s the link. Have fun.

Tournament Sponsored in part by Roku.

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VulcLAN 2017 (XV) Official Wallpaper

RoNiN has put together another great desktop wallpaper for us again this year! If you want to grab the official VulcLAN XV Wallpaper, snag it below. Thanks RoNiN!

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VulcLAN History – More Than 15 Years in the Making

As we are celebrating 15 years of VulcLAN this year, I thought it would be appropriate to take a look back and see where we’ve come from. VulcLAN had it’s “official” beginning back in 2003, but it started a few years before that in the side room of a local computer shop – Dallmann Computers. That was a humble and glorious beginning for all of us back then.

The year was 2000, and Unreal Tournament had been on the store shelves for about a year when Jason Schneider, Dwayne Dallmann, Tia Heide (my wife) and I decided to get our computers together, find a spare 10-base 4-port (not switch – hub), and try out this network thing. We used the lunch room at Dallmann Computers, which was space rented from an embroidery shop, Threads ‘n Motion, from Jason’s dad, Pat Schneider...

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VulcLAN 2017 Announced!!!! Save the Date!

Good Day All! While we have been working hard behind the scenes planning to make our 15th annual VulcLAN a fantastic event, there has been little mentioned on the VulcLAN site. My apologies. Here’s some good news.

VulcLAN 2017 is on March 16-19, 2017!!!

We will be back at the CRC and are making room for more people this year as the last couple of years at the lodge has been getting a little cramped. Please, PLEASE invite your friends as we will be having an Xbox One tournament again, some amazing prizes and of course, fantastic PC gaming at its finest.

We’ll sort out a seating map soon and have registration up as fast as we can. You’ve got two months to plan, save over-time and get shifts re-arranged so you can come for all four days of gaming fun...

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New Gallery Added

For those of you that missed VulcLAN 2016, you can take a look at all the pictures, prizes and gaming fun that you weren’t a part of. Next year… For those of you that attended, check them out and enjoy!


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