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VulcLAN 2016 Registration


This year, seating is much, much simpler (thanks to MegaHz). If you pre-pay, you can get in this year for $30 – the cheapest 3-4 day LAN anywhere. Walk-ins are welcome, but if you don’t pay before February 25, the cost will be $35 at the door. Take a look below, pick you seats and we’ll see you there!

NOTE: Chrome is having some browser compatibility issues. Please use Firefox or Internet Explorer (Edge). Offline payments MUST BEĀ dropped off at Dallmann Computers (215 Center St., Vulcan) within 14-days of booking seats and prior to February 25. Please include name, seat number and handle along with your payment.

VulcLAN 2016

Alberta's best LAN south of Edmonton! Come for the Frags, stay for the Lolz.

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