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The Game: WWE 2K17 on Xbox One

  • At VulcLAN 2018 we will crown a new world wrestling champion, it’s your chance to bring the pain.
  • Matches will be short 3-4 minute matches where you can challenge your fellow VulcLAN participants in a quest for glory. A champion will be determined and as long as that champion keeps winning, they’ll remain the champion.
  • Anyone can challenge the current champion and if you can dethrone them you’ll become the new champion! If you fail to beat the champion, the champion will receive a ticket to enter in a special prize draw.
So basically, become the champion, keep winning, and you’ll get tickets for a special prize draw.
Oh, wait, because this is wrestling, we’ll need a commissioner, let’s pick, oh, I don’t know, the infamous, BigBadBearcat...
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VulcLAN 2018 Wallpaper!

Our very own RoNiN, comes with a themed wallpaper every year for our LAN and this year we are featuring overwatch and League of Legends. Grab it below for a 1080p background. Thanks RoNiN!


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